Sydney MT5 V 1.3

Sydney MT5 V 1.3
Sydney MT5 V 1.3

Sydney MT5 V 1.3

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Sydney MT5 V 1.3

  • n pips. It is recommended to keep the default value.
  • Max spread (points): Sets the maximum spread at which a trade will be executed. if the current spread exceeds this value, no trade will be executed.
General Settings
  • Magic Number: EA identifier. When running multiple instances of the same EA on one currency pair, this value should be changed for each instance
  • Trade Comment: Comment that will be sent with your trades.
  • Show Info Panel: Show or hide the info panel on the chart.
Recovery Settings
  • Recovery Mode: Activate or deactivate recovery mode.
  • Number of recovery trades: Maximum number of recovery trades that will be executed.
  • Start Recovery at Loss (pips): Loss in pips at which the first recovery trade will be sent.
  • Recovery Trades Distance (pips): Distance in pips between the recovery trades.
  • Recovery Profit Target (pips): Profit Target for the recovery. Example: 0 would result in an attempt to break even.
  • Recovery Lot percentage (%): Percentage of the original position size that will be used for each trade. Example: Original position lot size 5 and Recovery lot percentage 50 would result in recovery trades with 2.5 lot.

Recovery Mode - With recovery mode, you can attempt to recover a losing position automatically by opening additional trades to average down the take-profit value. Each recovery trade will bring the take profit closer to the current price while keeping the stop loss intact.

Trailing Profit Mode - With a trailing profit mode, you might be able to take advantage of large price movements in a favourable direction. This can also be used in conjunction with the recovery mode.

Static Mode - To use this EA with a fixed lot size, set the Max Lot value to your desired lot size. This will cap the calculated lot size at this value.


During the development, this Neural Network was trained and tested for the backtesting period between 01.01.2010 and 15.03.2023 on 100% history quality data. Additionally, the EA was forward-tested until April 2023.

You can replicate the backtest results from the screenshots below by using the following backtest settings:

  • Symbol: GBPUSD or USDJPY
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Modelling: Minimum 'Every Tick' is recommended if you are testing with trailing profit or recovery mode. Otherwise '1-minute OHLC' is sufficient.
  • Deposit: Minimum 100 is recommended
  • Account type: Any, with a minimum spread (preferably ECN/Raw)
  • Leverage: Any

If you have any questions or need help with setting the Expert Advisor up, please do not hesitate to contact us through PM. We will always try to reply as quickly as possible.

Before buying this product, please make sure you understand the risks involved with trading and that past performance is no guarantee for future results.


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