Project Evolution Breakout Scalper MT4 V 29.86

Project Evolution Breakout Scalper MT4 V 29.86
Project Evolution Breakout Scalper MT4 V 29.86

Project Evolution Breakout Scalper MT4 V 29.86

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Project Evolution Breakout ...


The EA uses a scalping strategy on a breakout, uses innovative advanced technologies using a Neural Network.


To create the EA, we used the latest advanced algorithms to find the best moments to enter the market.

The EA uses many smart filters to adapt to almost any economic situation.

The EA sets a protective stop order, so the trader does not have to worry that the robot will allow significant drawdowns.

The adviser is safe and does not require any settings from the user, just install it on the chart and you are ready.

The EA does not use Martingale, Grid and other strategies with an increase in the lot.

When creating the EA, the history of quotes based on real ticks was used.

Recommended currency pair/timeframe: EURUSD H1,  USDJPY H1.





МetaТrader 5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/82820

Requirements and recommendations
  • Low spreads and high quality execution are important when choosing a broker.
  • The EA is attached to only one chart (any of the working pairs and any timeframe) - all trading on all pairs is carried out from only one chart! In the settings you can enable and disable currencies.
  • The minimum recommended balance for the EA (when used on recommended pairs and timeframes) is $ 50.
  • Leverage of 1: 100 or more is recommended.
  • The PC processor should not be overloaded with other programs or advisors ( otherwise, the adviser will not be able to process all the ticks and this is bad for the adviser ).
  • Broker with 5-digit and 3-digit quotes.
  • We recommend using a VPS with minimal ping to your broker.
  • if you use several advisors on the same account, make sure that all the advisors have different Magic numbers.

For the Strategy Tester:

  • Multi_Currency_BackTest - if set to true, a multi-currency tester is used.
  • For testing, it is recommended to use:
    • Methods of modeling ticks:
      • All Ticks.


  1. EURUSD / H1
  2. USDJPY / H1
  • EURUSD - if true, use EURUSD;
  • ...
  • USDJPY  - if true, use USDJPY;
  • Magic_Start / Magic_Finish - ID of EA's trades.
  • Symbols_Prefix(Suffix)_Name - enter the prefix (suffix) ONLY if the name of the symbols uses a suffix (for example: "m."(".m") if the symbol name is "m.EURUSD"("EURUSD.m"));
    • Use_Risk_MM — If this is true, the lot size will increase when account balance grows (Risk Management).
    • Percentage_Risk — Lot size increase based on the balance value (Risk Management in %).
    • Fixed_Lot — Fixed lot (if Use_Risk_MM - false).
    • Order Type - trading direction;
    • Order Comment - comments to orders;
    • Slippage - allowed slippage before an order is triggered;
    • Show_Info_Panel - use the information panel (false - faster backtest);
    • Show_additional_panel - use the info panel for profit indicator per each month, for backtest only;
    • Multi_Currency_BackTest:
      • true - use the multi-currency tester;
      • false - use the current currency and timeframe;
    • Adaptation of the spread to the stop loss - adapt the stop loss to spread;
    • Max Spread - maximum allowed spread;
    • Stop trade - disable trade for a certain time (from 1 minutes to 24 hours) if the average spread exceeds Max_Spread;
    Trading within the week:
    • Monday - trade on Monday;
    • ...
    • Friday - trade on Friday;
    Time trading within a day:
    • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
    • GMT setting - GMT settings;
    • Every_Day_Start - start time (hh:mm);
    • Every_Day_End - end time (hh:mm).
    Time to disable on Friday:
    • Use time - if true, the EA trades by time;
    • Disable_in_Friday - end time on Friday (hh:mm).


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