Hundred Egg EA V 1.4 NO DLL MT4

Hundred Egg EA V 1.4 NO DLL MT4
Hundred Egg EA V 1.4 NO DLL MT4

Hundred Egg EA V 1.4 NO DLL MT4

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Hundred Egg EA V 1.4 NO DLL...


Hundred Egg EA is a fully automated trading system, which is especially effective in trading extreme reverse situations.  Several pattern recognization techniques had been integrated to analyze the market.  Built-in special designed market filters to protect the capital.  It targets AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD for correlation arbitrage opportunity.

Special promotion: $250 -> $300

LIVE Signals:

Crazy Mode (USD300 start): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/987229

Crazy Mode (USD700 start): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1524884

Aggressive Mode (USD2000 start): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1114889

Aggressive Mode + Other Eggs (USD870 start): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1359890

Special Points

  • Very low entry barrier - Support as low as USD300 balance to trade (rarely have EA can achieve)
  • Very simple & easy setup
  • Support spread filter feature
  • Support Market News filter feature
  • Better performance, more affordable and attractive option than other similar strategy products
  • Supported by Live signals

Requirements for Crazy Mode

  • Minimum balance $300
  • Recommended balance $500
  • Recommended leverage 1:500
  • Expected monthly profit rate > 7%

Requirements for Non-Crazy Modes

  • Minimum balance $2000
  • Recommended balance $3000 up
  • Recommended leverage 1:200 or more
  • Expected monthly profit rate > 4%

Allow Web Request

To allow the market filter work properly, please allow web requests to the following URLs (remove the whitespaces):

  • https : // ec. forexprostools . com
  • https : // api . jrforex . ml

Operating Environment

  • Recommended Timeframe: M15

Setup Guide

  • Open the currency pair in single chart mode / Put into one chart for multi-currency mode
  • This EA is NOT sensitive to spread, slippage or any other broker related variables
  • Trade ONLY the pairs I have recommended above
  • Ask me for other recommendations

EA Settings

Parameter Name Description
Enable Multi-Currency Mode AUDCAD*1,AUDNZD*1,NZDCAD*1
Leave it empty if you attached EA to each single chart.
Allow First Position Type
Control the first trade direction by options.
Instance Number for your EA (max. 2 digits) Enter any 1-2 digits number to identify your EA.
EA Comment Prefix
EA Comment
Max. Allowed Spread (0 = disable)
Do not trade if market spread larger than the input
For autolot use
Calculate based on Balance / Equity
Trading Mode
Crazy Mode / Agreesive Mode / Stable Mode / Paranoid Mode / Fixed Lotsize
Fixed lot if select Fixed_lot in Trading Model
Use only if Trading Mode has selected “Fixed Lot”
Filter High Impact News
Use it if you want to filter out high impact news situations
Filter NFP News
Use it if you want to filter out NFP news situations
Filter Speech News
Use it if you want to filter out speech news situations
Your Broker Time Zone (GMT) Input your broker time zone for filters

Backtest Information

  • Test on the recommended M15 timeframe only.
  • You can use default settings for backtest.
  • You may change the parameter "Trading Mode" to test different mode.
  • The special designed market filter will not take effect on backtest mode.
  • Multiple years backtest results with 99.9% data quality, variable spreads and latency multiple years backtest results were provided to save your times.


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