GoodMorning EA MT4 V 2.3

GoodMorning EA MT4 V 2.3
GoodMorning EA MT4 V 2.3

GoodMorning EA MT4 V 2.3

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GoodMorning EA MT4 V 2.3


GoodMorningEA is an advanced night trading system that uses smart algorithms to make the safest entry when markets are at their quietest. It uses dynamic take-profit based on the market state at the time of entry, and has a variety of exit modes. GoodMorningEA does not use Martin, does not use a grid, and has a strict rules-based trading method, opening only one order at a time and placing stops on each trade.

Note: as with almost all night scalper EA, GoodMorningEA's entry time is only 2 hours of the day.


GoodMorningEA has two strategies to choose from: Basic strategy and Smooth strategy. Smooth strategy is our recommended strategy. Based on the Smooth strategy, we created the Full Auto Trade Mode. Enabling this mode eliminates the need to manually configure any currency pairs and automatically matches you with the best currency pairs each month based on historical data and current performance.

If you have any questions, please refer to User Manual


Recommended currency pairs: EURUSD, EURCHF, GBPUSD, USDCHF

Timeframe used: M5


-Full Auto Trade mode, no need to manually set the pairs, automatically match the currency pairs every month

-GMT/DST automatic detection and switching

-Just one chart can run all pairs

-Reliable backtest and LIVE SIGNAL

-The backtest uses GMT+2 by default, and most brokers use this GMT offset. If the backtest results are not good, please try to modify the GMT settings, if you have any questions, please contact me.

-The minimum deposit is 50USD.


    The EA needs good brokerage conditions: low spreads and slippage during the rollover, and the account type is preferably ECN. You can private message me for advice.
    EA should run continuously on a VPS with a latency of no more than 100ms.

      Policy settings

      • Strategy selection - Basic/Smooth (recommended) - Smooth strategy is optimized based on the basic strategy, and the trading results are more stable
      • Automatic trading mode - automatically matches the best currency pair every month, no manual settings are required, and currency pairs with suffixes in the name are now supported
      • Multi-symbol settings - comma-separated list of symbols to trade. Leave empty to run the current chart symbol. If your broker uses a suffix, you need to include the suffix!
      • Maximum number of symbols - currency pair symbols that limit the maximum transaction
      • Lot size selection – Fixed lot/Fixed lot size Auto lot/Auto lot size calculated according to balance Miexed lot/Auto lot size calculated according to balance, when the balance decreases, the lot size does not decrease Bet lot/Gambling lot size doubles the lot size after a transaction loss (not recommend)
      • Fixed Lot - Fixed lot size. When using Auto lot, please keep the fixed lot size at 0.01
      • Auto Lot Base – The automatic lot size used for each balance base, if you fill in 50, it will use 0.01 lot per $50
      • Filter level - filter when the market is intense, 1 is strict filtering, 2 is recommended level
      • Stoploss - stop loss in pips
      • Max Slippage, in pips - maximum allowable slippage
      • Maximum drawdown percentage - if the current floating drawdown exceeds the specified percentage, the EA will close open positions - 1 is 100%



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