Dragon Gold MT4 V 2.0 NO DLL

Dragon Gold MT4 V 2.0 NO DLL
Dragon Gold MT4 V 2.0 NO DLL

Dragon Gold MT4 V 2.0 NO DLL

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Dragon Gold MT4 V 2.0 NO DLL


Considering our team's 12-year experience in the field of designing and developing financial instruments for trading, we decided to design an EA with no 

Grid,  Martingale, multiplying, or any dangerous strategies.

One of the most volatile and also the most profitable is gold. We accepted this great challenge and designed this expert with the help of a team of traders, analysts, and engineers with artificial intelligence experience.

Dragon Gold MT4 is a completely automated trading robot that has been designed and created based on our best strategies in forex trading. The first step of our work was to optimize our best 19 strategies on our broker's 2015-2024 historical data. 

All trades are protected by stop loss. The EA contains very useful functions and Inputs to control and adapt to market phases.

Users can use a fixed lot or auto lot money management.

Our team will regularly check the data and will publish updates If needed. We work hard to improve the EA and make it the best possible.

Why this EA:

  • The EA does not need  Grid,  Martingale, multiplying, or any dangerous strategies.
  • The EA has successfully passed live testing 
  • Smart entries calculated by 19 great strategies
  • The EA can be run on even a $100 account     
  • The EA can work on almost all brokers                   
     LIVE SIGNALS (real money accounts):          Dragon Gold signal 1  
     LIVE SIGNALS (real money accounts):          Dragon Gold signal 2



Gold_3_Digits for 3 digits accounts
OpenLongTrades if(true) ==>  allowed opening buy positions.
OpenShortTrades if(true) ==>  allowed opening sell positions.
StopLoss stop loss per points
TakeProfit take profit per points
MaximumSpread maximum allowed spread before placing an order
TradeComment a comment that will be shown with each trade
MagicNumber it is a number that helps the EA to recognize its own orders
ExcessivePoints This is an optional function that allows the EA to open extra trades to increase the profit/hypothetical-loss ratio.
ExcessivePointsDistance The required distance per point for the ExcessivePoints function.
DynamicExcessivePointsEMA if(true) ==> the ExcessivePoints trades open only when the moving averages show a sign that the trend is gonna reverse.
DSMA small moving average for  DynamicExcessivePointsEMA .
DBMA big moving average for  DynamicExcessivePointsEMA .
NewYearHolidayTrading if(false) ==> The EA is not allowed to trade from 20 December to 10 January every year.
Time Distance per second By using this input the EA won't be able to open new trades for " Time Distance per second "seconds after the last trade.
MoneyManagementType money management type. (FixedLot,AutoLot)
FixedOrderSize fixed order size for fixed lot money management
IncreaseLotSizeEvery if you choose auto lot money management the EA will increase the lot size based on this number
MaxPairsWithOpenPositions the maximum number of allowed allowed pairs with open positions at the same time. This Input is useful if you want to run more than 1 EA on your account.
AvoidTradingAfterGaps if(true) ==> the EA is not allowed to open new series of trades after price gaps.
HowManyCandlesAfterGaps for example, if you use " AvoidTradingAfterGaps = true" and  "HowManyCandlesAfterGaps = 50" the EA is not allowed to open new series of trades for 50 candles after the price gap.
HowManyPointsGaps how many points at least should be the price gap for the  AvoidTradingAfterGaps function.
AvoidTradingAfterHiddenGaps if(true) ==> the EA is not allowed to open new series of trades after hidden price gaps.
HowManyCandlesAfterHiddenGaps for example, if you use "  AvoidTradingAfterHiddenGaps = true" and  " HowManyCandlesAfterHiddenGaps = 50" the EA is not allowed to open new series of trades for 50 candles after the hidden price gap.
HowManyPointsHiddenGaps how many points at least should be the hidden price gap for the  AvoidTradingAfterHiddenGaps function. (the AvoidTradingAfterHiddenGaps function checks the abnormal candles that their (highest price - lowest price) are bigger than " HowManyPointsHiddenGaps" points.)


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