SAFE Robot PRO MT5 V1.3

SAFE Robot PRO MT5 V1.3
SAFE Robot PRO MT5 V1.3

SAFE Robot PRO MT5 V1.3

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SAFE Robot PRO MT5 V1.3


SAFE Robot Pro is a fully automatic robot that has the level of a professional trader.

The robot uses a completely new and unknown strategy. During real trading, he does not look towards history and acts according to circumstances.

In version 1.4, (moving) a completely new and unique strategy has been added:

If the position is not closed for a long time, then the Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) levels approach the current price.

See the "Commentary" section and the Video for details.


SAFE Robot PRO went through detailed optimization in the cloud, using a special utility based on neural networks. As a result of the work, universal base points were formed for working on different brokerage companies and accounts.

The robot was trained for a long time on these basic points, as a result of which an empirical formula was found for opening / closing orders, as well as for increasing the lot.

The formula significantly improves performance and allows you not to analyze historical data during real trading and act according to the situation.

For this reason, the main control parameters for optimization are hidden, since their values change all the time during real trading.


Based on the current price and spread, current lows/highs are formed, as well as current support/resistance levels. They are reset when all positions of the given symbol are closed.

During operation, at the right time, the direction of trading is automatically changed either in the direction of the trend, or against it. That is, reverse trade is being implemented.

The robot has been tested for 5 years on real ticks in more than 20 brokerage companies.

It implements several trading strategies, including trend following strategies, range trading strategies, support/resistance breakout strategies.

There are 2 trading modes:

  1. Trading without lot increase.
  2. Trading with lot increase (not Martingale).

In all cases, the increase in the lot is limited by the "Margin Level", which, if necessary, suspends the increase.

The robot also takes into account the news calendar. It does not open an order before and after the release of medium and important news, and in some cases already open orders are forcibly closed.

Processing the news calendar data prevents opening an order in the opposite direction.


You can choose different trading risk modes. Right on the chart with one click you can change their values during trading.

The robot has no external settings. All these parameters are located in the control unit. They are interconnected and dynamically change their values during trading all the time.

For example, such parameters as support / resistance levels, virtual pending orders, virtual Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL), as well as Trailing Stop, which is used to transfer positions to breakeven.

All this can be visually seen in the video.

On the chart shows the parameters for selecting the operating mode:

  • Trading time: 0 - do not open new orders, 1 - work only on weekends (for BTCUSD/BITCOIN ), 2 - work on all days
  • Risk  Level: 0-No Risk, 1-Very Low, 2-Low, 3-Medium, 4-High, 5-Extreme
  • Lot increase: OFF/ON
  • Calendar News: ON/OFF
  • Closing on Fridays:  ON/OFF
  • Drawdown -  Additional Stop Loss, % of the balance (drawdown) at which the position is closed.
  • Close/Reset- Button for manual closing of all positions of the given symbol (for Hedging and Netting accounts)

The minimum lot for opening an order is set automatically, depending on the size of the balance and the selected risk.


Requirements for the robot:

  • Main symbols: EURUSD  and other pairs (on EURUSD shows the best result)
  • Account currency: USD/EUR/BTC/RUB/JPY
  • Timeframe: any Account Type: Standard/Pro recommended, no commission.
  • Minimum deposit: $300 or more. Recommended $1000 or more Leverage - Starting at 1:30 or more. Recommended 1:100 - 1:500 or


In addition to EURUSD, the robot can trade on any instrument:

Before installing the robot on the chart, you need to test it on the tester for the last month, in the mode of real ticks (Every tick based on real ticks), in order to determine the best instrument.

To do this, select the mode on the tester in the Optimization section: "All symbols selected in MarketWatch".

From the resulting list, you need to choose the symbol that has a high profit, but with a low maximum drawdown.


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