Project Phoenix MT4 V 2.4

Project Phoenix MT4 V 2.4
Project Phoenix MT4 V 2.4

Project Phoenix MT4 V 2.4

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Project Phoenix MT4 V 2.4


The advisor is based on the application of wave analysis to historical data and the search for waves predicting the price movement in the future. Using a longer period of time repeating patterns are searched for. Using a smaller period, approximation and interpolation of nodal points and refinement of patterns are carried out. In the end, an extrapolator is used to make predictions based on both periods. The extrapolator data is used to find three waves of different periods. Using the extrapolator data, the Expert Advisor builds a predictive model of price behavior in three independent threads. Up to 3 positions in one direction or in different directions can be opened at any one time. Each position is independent of the other.

Signal (v2.2 - 2.4) - link


  • Permanent work of the Expert Advisor. There is no need to wait for news to trade, or for some events.
  • In contrast to scalpers, Project Phoenix works in the medium term and tries to capture the entire price movement, not part of it.
  • The Expert Advisor is does not require fast execution of trade orders
  • Time of position holding - from several hours to several days
  • The Expert Advisor does not use Take Profit and closes orders using the trading system conditions. Thus it does not limit the possible profit, capturing more price movements
  • Each order is strictly tracked by the trading system and a protective stop loss is set for each of them separately
  • The main expert advisor settings and wave forecasts are visualized on the chart for interactivity and convenience
  • No optimization is required to start trading, but you can optimize the size of the stoploss

Risk Warning

Like any trading expert, the Expert Advisor makes forecasts using past data. Therefore, for stable work, you should not risk all the money in your account and put a huge risk in a trade in order. Use small lot sizes. Consider possible drawdowns.


Currency pair: EURUSD, H1 time frame

Deposit: 0.01 lot for every $300


The Expert Advisor has a built-in error-recognition system and can display warnings or error messages.


  • GMT - your broker's GMT time shift (drop-down menu to select)
  • Start of trading within the current wave - trading within the current wave or starting with a new wave
  • Use Stoploss (true/false) - use a stop loss or not
  • Stoploss - stoploss size for orders, in five decimal points (values 600 to 800 points)
  • Magic number - identifier of orders
  • Commentary string - commentary on the orders
  • Fixed lot - fixed lot size
  • Auto lot - enable automatic calculation of lots from equity
  • Risk, % - risk per order if automatic Auto lot calculation is enabled
  • Lot coefficient - coefficient for the lot calculation when Auto lot is enabled (from 0 to 1)
  • Send Alert - display notifications on the screen when placing or closing orders
  • Send notifications - to send notifications when placing or closing orders
  • Show parameters on chart - show parameters of the Expert Advisor on the chart
  • ...options for displaying information on the chart


Some notifications appear even when Send Alert is disabled (these are service notifications)

When you install a trading advisor on the chart, depending on the settings, it will either wait or start immediately. This is controlled by the parameter Start of trading within the current wave, read more here

If you have any questions, please contact me via personal messages on the website. I only respond here. I do not have any additional channels of communication. The original trading advisor is presented only here.

A quick guide is available on the blog

Most of the settings are adjusted by the extrapolator on the author's side. The Expert Advisor is not self-optimizing and requires adjustment from time to time based on the current market situation.


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