Neurotron EA MT4 V 1.30 NO DLL

Neurotron EA MT4 V 1.30 NO DLL
Neurotron EA MT4 V 1.30 NO DLL

Neurotron EA MT4 V 1.30 NO DLL

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Neurotron EA MT4 V 1.30 NO DLL



The Neurotron Expert Advisor was written according to my own unique trading system "London Coup". The development took over a year.

From 2017 to 2020, I was engaged in online training of people on this trading system.
The training package was sold on ebay for $1,000 and was very popular. For three years, more than 100 Russian and 200+ foreign traders have been trained.

At the opening of the London session, the adviser catches the first price reversals and begins to work them out.
For market analysis, it uses ingenious classic indicators Commodity channel index, Bollinger bands and neural network analysis of the market to identify patterns.
Thanks to properly configured indicators, filters and artificial intelligence, the EA generates a high win rate.
Neurotron can open up to 7 trades per signal cycle for each currency pair.
The Neutron trading strategy is considered safe, since each transaction is independent of the others, and is necessarily protected by an individual stop loss.

Currency pairs - GBPUSD / EURCHF
Timeframe - М15
Trading hours - London session
VPS - according to your desire
Account type - ECN / RAW (Standard accounts are also suitable if the spread on the recommended currency pairs does not exceed 3 points)
Minimum deposit - $500 for lot 0.01 with leverage 1:500

Recommended brokers - icmarkets / fp markets / pepperstone / axitrader / and other reputable ecn brokers

If you want to use a fixed lot, then in the "Lot" field, set the desired lot size, and in the "AutoRisk" line, set the value to 0.
Conversely, if you want to use "AutoRisk", then set the desired value in the "AutoRisk" field, and the value 0 in the "Lot" field.

Automatic risk is calculated as a percentage per trade. For example: You set the risk to 10, which means that if the trade is closed by stop loss, then you will lose 10% of the deposit.

The neural networks in Neurotron have been collecting market information according to patterns since January 2022.
Important! EA testing will only work from 2022.01.01
It does not make sense to collect this information before 2022, as market behavior is changing very quickly.
Our goal is not the past decades, but the real market, the one that is here and now.
Therefore, a period of a little more than one year will be enough for us to analyze the patterns.

For correct testing and operation of the adviser, you need to install a set file with the correct GMT shift of your broker.
The EA has two parameters responsible for the time shift:
GMT is the deviation of your broker's time from Greenwich Mean Time
DST - automatic daylight saving time

There are brokers that use daylight saving time, and there are those that do not.
So, if your broker uses GMT + 2 in winter and GMT + 3 in summer (this is the majority of brokers such as: icmarkets / fp markets / pepperstone / axitrader)
then the settings will be as follows:
GMT = 2 in this line we will set the broker's winter time offset gmt2, even if we have summer and gmt+3. After all, the DST true parameter in the summer period will automatically shift the time by one hour.
DST = true (one-hour DST shift enabled)
In simple words: If DST = true, then in the GMT settings we set the winter time shift. This is for brokers who use Daylight Saving Time!

If your broker does not use daylight saving time, then you need to upload a set file, according to your broker's time shift from GMT.
In this case, the DST parameter in the set file will be false (disabled), because your broker has the same time in winter and summer, which means that you do not need an automatic transition of DST one hour ahead in summer.

I know that for beginners and inexperienced it will seem difficult. Therefore, I ask everyone to whom something is not clear or not clear, please contact me and I will prompt and help you with everything.
In fact, there is nothing complicated here. The most important thing is to set the time parameters correctly once and you can forget about this setting.
This is important because neural networks are programmed to work and collect information from 7:00 to 9:00 GMT. And if you set the wrong time deviation of your broker, then the whole system will not work correctly.

Note: Each buyer has the right to be added to the closed telegram group. Please contact me after purchase.
The original Neurotron Expert Advisor is sold only on this site and only from me. Any hacked version will not work like the original!
All test results are real, without any manipulation!
Also, all the settings of the robot are open, and any professional user, if desired, can optimize the neurotron for any other currency pairs, metals, indices.
Set files for optimization and a description of all settings will be provided upon request, exclusively for those who have bought the Neurotron


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