ET9 for MT4 V 3.2 NO DLL

ET9 for MT4 V 3.2 NO DLL
ET9 for MT4 V 3.2 NO DLL
ET9 for MT4 V 3.2 NO DLL

ET9 for MT4 V 3.2 NO DLL

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ET9 for MT4 V 3.2 NO DLL



  • ET9 for MT4 is a powerful automated trading program with a 9-in-1 trading strategy for gold (XAUUSD) and  GBPUSD
  • It includes a classic trend strategy ET1, The other 8 breakout strategies are particularly effective when the price of Gold(XAUUSD) makes a daily breakout!
  • Please select the visual mode during backtesting to see how professional ET9's strategy is! The backtesting process may be slow, please be patient
  • These 9 strategies in ET9 are totally different from other fake "Perfect Backtesting" EA's: You can use it with confidence in a real account!!
  • No grid system! No martingale system! No scalping system! Each order is set with a takeprofit and stoploss, and the order closes for more than a few hours,The live results match the backtesting results , no scam!
  • ET9 is different from scalping systems where high frequency trading, slippage can cause every order to end in a loss ......
  • ET9 uses only the most common strategies used by real professional traders, trend trades within oscillating ranges, and add-trades on daily breakouts!! These strategies work very well for volatile currency pairs like Gold (XAUUSD) and GBPUSD!
  • The 9 strategies of ET9 work together, Account balances will be a very stable money growth curve in the long run.
  • If there is a loss for a while, don't worry too much, in this trading market, there is no eternal winner, survive to the end to be the winner.
  • We will continue to update this EA for you!
  • If you've never used an EA before, we'll show you and teach you how to use it.


  • ET9 Work on XAUUSD(Gold)  and  GBPUSD any timeframes.
  • ECN broker is always better (Spread Below 25)
  • A low latency VPS is always recommended.
  • The recommended Leverage is 1:500 or more
  • The recommended minimum deposit is 1000 usd.


======== Trade Settings ========

  • Fixed Lots: If you set its value, AutoMM must be false.
  • Lot Multipliers: The multiples of the global lot size.
  • Dynamic Lots Size: Enable it to adjust the lot size according to the price movement.
  • AutoMM: Auto Money Manager. The lot size will be managed using Risk.
  • Risk (ET1~ET9): Include 4 levels of risk selection

1.0 (Low Risk)

2.0 (Medium Risk)

3.0 (High Risk)

4.0 (Highest Risk)

Choose the risk level that suits you and backtesting your acceptance of losses versus profits

  • Enable Profit Protecter: Enable/Disable Profit Protecter
  • Profit Start Pips: Profit Protecter Start Points
  • Min Profit Pips: Minimum Profit Points
  • Enable Auto Factor: Enable Auto Factor, Key parameters are automatically calculated based on the price.
  • Delete Pending Orders: Pending orders are automatically deleted before the market closes.
  • Enable Auto Profit Close: Enable automatic closing of profits
  • MaxOrders of ET1: The maximum orders of ET1 can be modified, If you don't understand, don't make changes
  • MaxLots: The global maximum lot size can be modified, If you don't understand, don't make changes
  • Add Orders TimeFrame: Modify the time interval of ET1 strategy Add orders , If you don't understand, don't make changes

======= Strategy Settings =======

  • Enable ET1:  Enable/Disable ET1 Strategy 
  • Enable ET2:  Enable/Disable ET2 Strategy 
  • Enable ET3:  Enable/Disable ET3 Strategy 
  • Enable ET4:  Enable/Disable ET4 Strategy 
  • Enable ET5:  Enable/Disable ET5 Strategy 
  • Enable ET6:  Enable/Disable ET6 Strategy 
  • Enable ET7:  Enable/Disable ET7 Strategy 
  • Enable ET8:  Enable/Disable ET8 Strategy 
  • Enable ET9:  Enable/Disable ET9 Strategy 
During the run, you can choose (ET1~ET9) turn on or off


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